About us


Through many collected informations about nutrition and detoxification of the human body  a new awareness over our food is arisen.
At the end of a long journey through the information universe, a new approach was suggested.
By that the need for a very fast rotating blender growed.

There are very few blenders on the market with a rotation speed that work with more
than 26,000 rotations per minute.
And those mixers are sold very expensive!

All cheap alternative products we have tested and measured the speed proved to be useless
for the mixing of real valuable food – the green smoothie.
Throuhg that we got the idea to develop a blender that complies with all of our criteria – high speed with top quality at a low price.

© Vivosana high performance blender have been developed and were brought to market as a logical continuation of traditional  blender manufactory.

The vision: targeting the best quality at an affordable price.

The company Technik-Welt is a traditional dealer for Technology, developers of electronic products, and as a source of information since 1998 for many loyal customers daily. From this enormously versatile background the first blender model “Vita Easy” was born.


Our potential of ideas and visions automatically leads to new products.
Many new products that make the nutrition, life better and easier are currently being explored.

For the benefit of the big picture.