Green Smoothies

Directly from nature comes the nutrition that we all need.
The Green Smoothie shines with its simplicity but also by how to make a energy that may arise directly only from the nature of our planet.

By green smoothies our digestion is extremely protected and the body has much more energy available during the day. The digestive effort is very minimal and at the same time they produce a special power of regeneration of gastric acid.

Green leafy vegetables are rich on essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants. It strengthens the immune system and contains a lot of fiber, which keeps our intestinal healthy and helps in weight loss. Furthermore, it contains a lot of chlorophyll which promotes the wound healing.
It is effective against toxins in the body, cleanses the intestines, helps fight inflammation and more.
By crushing in a good mixer the cell structure of the plant is broken, where nutrients are released that can not get in the organism during normal chewing. Also relieves the mixing our digestion and facilitates our consumption of larger quantities.

It is better to enjoy the green smoothie immediately after preparation, but it can be conserved from 8 to 10 hours protected from light.

Green base – the Purity Law:

any type of lettuce or spinach, for example, lettuce, arugula, chard and more.
Garden herbs parsley, mint, lemon balm, ect. depending on the season!
2-3 ripe bananas / bulbs depending on the amount of green leaves.
Pure water eventual lukewarm (never use mineral water)
Mix and enjoy


  • 1 handful of goji berries and blueberries with some ginger give a sensible energy drink. A very powerful antioxidant combination (of course, always with green leaves and water).
  • especially in the spring, all known wild herbs are like Giersch (very high vitamin C content), nettle, chickweed, yarrow, plantain, dandelion leaves lime leaves and much more. The imagination knows no limit.
  • Heat dispenser: cardamom, chilli, ginger
  • and of course also spicy with avocado, tomato, garlic, pinch of salt (wonderfully suited to appetite for spicy foods)

The recommendation: Always chew the first three sips particularly thoroughly, so the digestive system can adjust to the food coming.

Not in the green smoothie include:

  • Root vegetables, they contain quite a lot of strength
  • Oils, nuts
  • Starchy products such as: brown millet, sprouted grain
  • Common salt (iodized)
  • Protein powder, yeast