What is really important when buying a blender

How to avoid mistakes:

So the body can almost completely absorb all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables
the cell walls of plants must be broken first.
This can work on two ways:

1) denture that bites with about 180 kg / cm²
2) enzymes that can split cells

but we humans lack both and thus our food can not completely
be recycled. For a gorilla both options are available.
Now we come to the aid of high-performance blender that solves exactly this problem.

Mistake 1

Speed of the blade:
A real high performance smoothie blender requires  speeds of at least
26,000 rotations/minute to split the cell walls of plants but should
not exceed 36,000 rotations/minute, otherwise the flavor suffers.
Thus the contained nutrients get absorbed by the body it should be mixed on
the highest level at least 30 to 90 seconds depending on the ingredients.

Due to the motto of the golden mean: not too much and not too little.

Mistake 2

Knife – container combination:
High quality blade that sharpens itself and thus never has to be sanded again.
Perfectly matched to the container and designed for chopping in the correct cutting angle
at high speed so the good gets not unnecessarily heated.
Except for soups the temperature of the smoothies should not rise above 40° C.
The right knife-container combination ensures a well shaped vortex along which
the mixed good gets guided from outside to inside and then to the knife.

The goal is to mix the nutrients in an intense but gentle way.

Mistake 3

Cleaning of the container:
Higly resistant container that is easy to clean – just rinse under running
water. Robust material free of BPA (Bisphenol A is a plasticizer for plastics,
which is classified as harmful).

General mistake

All this for a price to make healthy food affordable without paying the device
several times because the warranty is then supposedly longer.

The real added value for the customer is a quality product developed in the EU (Austria) with service and accessories from a single source.